Jeremy Y. Ng, MSc, PhD has worked both for a number of consultancy companies as well as an independent consultant, to serve a number of clients including universities/academic institutes, government, non-profits and industry.

Consulting services may be available depending on the nature, size, and timeline of the project, as well as Jeremy’s current obligations. If Jeremy is unable to assist you, he will make every effort to refer you to a suitable colleague with the appropriate expertise. Interested individuals or organizations should use the Contact form to make an inquiry.

Jeremy’s expertise includes:

1. Selecting and Applying Health Research Methodologies
• Research methodology refers to specific procedures or techniques used to identify, select, process, and analyze information about a topic. Regardless of your goal, the process you employ to answer a research question ultimately determines the quality of your research. Jeremy can advise on a suitable research methodology and help you or your organization to create a high-quality research protocol.

2. Social Media Management for Academic Networks and Research Societies
• Academic networks and research societies often operate as non-profit organizations and are comprised of a board of directors with limited time and external primary employment. Jeremy can provide social media management on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, and advise on strategies to successfully create new and postable content that projects an organization’s active social media presence.

3. Creating Scholarly Publications
• Scholarly publishing refers to the making of peer-reviewed information available to the public. Scholarly publishing in the digital era is threatened by predatory publishing, characterized as publishers that prioritize financial profit, over providing quality editorial and publishing practices. For academic networks or research societies who seek to establish a new scholarly publication (or improve an existing one), Jeremy can advise on the steps to take to optimize a peer-review journal’s legitimacy and longevity. Please note that Jeremy does not provide consulting services to individual authors seeking to self-publish a book.

4. Graduate School Advising
• Undergraduate students in STEM fields are increasingly applying to and enrolling in graduate programs, often based on the belief that “the Master’s is the new Bachelor’s”. While certainly not necessarily the wrong decision, many graduate students grow disenchanted with their graduate school experience as a result of not asking the right questions before signing up. Jeremy can advise prospective graduate students on selecting a suitable graduate school experience, increasing their application quality, and creating a career plan post-graduation.

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