Media Coverage

The following media outlets have featured research studies published by Jeremy Y. Ng, MSc, PhD:

  1. 51 recommandations pour créer une revue scientifique et éviter les échecs. Revues et Integrité. [Internet]. 2023 Apr 05. Available at:
  2. New study finds marijuana research has increased despite prohibition. Benzinga. [Internet]. 2022 May 31. Available at:
  3. Canadian study finds poor information online about cannabis and pain treatment. CannCentral. [Internet]. 2021 Aug 25. Available at:
  4. Kratom: What does science say about the controversial botanical? Discover Magazine. [Internet]. 2021 Aug 03. Available at:
  5. 10 areas that mindfulness & meditation make us better. PsychCentral. [Internet]. 2021 Jun 03. Available at:
  6. Some Ontario doctors still unsure if medical cannabis helps or hurts, McMaster study shows. CBC. [Internet]. 2021 Apr 14. Available at:
  7. Ontario doctors still lack knowledge when it comes to medical pot: McMaster study. The Hamilton Spectator. [Internet]. 2021 Apr 13. Available at:
  8. Naturopathic patients not forthright with MDs about natural health products. [Internet]. 2020 Jul 10. Available at:
  9. Many naturopathic patients do not disclose use of natural health products to MDs. News Medical Life Sciences. [Internet]. 2020 May 29. Available at:
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