NHP Publications
Having had an interest in natural health products for nearly a decade, Jeremy identified the need for a new peer-reviewed journal in this area. As a central publication for natural health product (NHP) researchers, Jeremy played a seminal role in establishing the Journal of Natural Health Product Research (JNHPR), and currently serves as the journal’s manager.

Established in 2018, NHP Publications is an innovative, scholarly publisher of the  JNHPR, the first journal to focus on publishing on the rapidly growing topic of natural health product research regardless of academic discipline or methodology. As an open access, peer-reviewed, scholarly Canadian journal, the JNHPR also serves to connect of NHP researchers internationally. NHP Publications is supported in part by the Federal Government of Canada. Learn more.


Undergraduate Research in Natural and Clinical Science and Technology (URNCST) Journal
Undergraduate researchers typically spend 3-4 months as part of a summer studentship or research placement course contributing to a piece of a larger study belonging to a graduate student or professor; unfortunately, this means that the vast majority of them do not experience the last two, yet arguably, most crucial, steps of the research project: peer-review and publication. Understanding this, Jeremy sought to play a key role in establishing a unique platform for undergraduate students to gain these experiences, filling a significant gap that has been lacking for years, currently serving as the journal’s editor.

The URNCST Journal was launched in 2017, and is the leading publisher for undergraduate research conferences spanning broad and multidisciplinary fields. The journal was established to provide undergraduate conference planning committees with a meaningful way to establish their legacy as well as provide undergraduate students attending these conferences with the opportunity to see their abstract (and forthcoming papers) formally peer-reviewed and published. The URNCST Journal is supported in part by the Federal Government of Canada.
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